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SSC (pictured) will combine with SSB to make Touring 4 in 2013 SSC (pictured) will combine with SSB to make Touring 4 in 2013 View Full Size


TOPEKA, Kan. (Oct. 13, 2012) – Sports Car Club of America’s Board of Directors approved a proposal to reorganize its Club Racing Touring and Showroom Stock classes for 2013.

First proposed in 2011, with a final revision submitted by the Club Racing Board Oct. 9, the proposal takes the cars competing in six classes – Touring 1-3, Showroom Stock B and C and Super Touring® Over and arranges them into five new classes – Touring 1-4 and B-Spec.

“This reorganization has been a thorough process that has taken more than one year to develop and has included an incredible amount of work by the Club Racing Board and its sub-committee, as well as copious amounts of input from the Touring and Showroom Stock racing community,” SCCA Vice-Chair Lisa Noble said. “This reorganization, including the splitting of B-Spec out into its own class, will provide a solid platform for these classes to flourish for many years.”

2013 New Class Summary
2013 Touring 1 – Includes 2012 Touring 1 cars with performance adjustments and de-tuned STO cars*
2013 Touring 2 – Includes many 2012 Touring 2 cars, as well as de-tuned Touring 1 cars
2013 Touring 3 – Includes 2012 Touring 3 cars and some de-tuned Touring 2 cars
2013 Touring 4 – Includes 2012 SSB and SSC cars (except B-Spec) with performance adjustments
2013 B-Spec – Includes B-Spec cars that previously ran within SSC, with some adjustments
*-plans are in place to welcome existing STO cars into existing GT classes as well

The full proposals are posted on the web site. The new Touring 1 class overview is here: The Touring 2-4 class overview is here:



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