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RTF, RTA Results Revised At Solo Nationals


LINCOLN, Neb. (Sept. 6, 2013) — SCCA announced today revised results for the Road Tire FWD and Road Tire AWD classes, which competed as supplemental classes at the 2013 Tire Rack SCCA® Solo® National Championships at Lincoln Airpark. The revision came following discovery of an error in the indexes used to calculate a car’s overall score.

Adam Barber, of Crystal, Minn., was initially scored in second place and has been crowned the winner of the RTF class in his Dodge Neon. Jack Burns, of Hamilton, Ohio, was initially scored as the winner in his Jack Burns Race Wheels Mini Cooper and appears in second position on the final results. Additional changes to the final results were made with the revised indexes in both RTF and RTA, although only RTF affected the winner.

Unlike the established Championship classes, the new Road Tire Classes are scored on an index at Solo Nationals. Well after the competition was complete, the discovery was made that the 2012 index numbers had been used, rather than the current numbers. SCCA officials have verified that this was a Nationals-only anomaly and that the correct indexes had been used for the Tire Rack Solo National Tour and ProSolo seasons in all of the Road Tire Classes. RTA, RTAL and RTF were also miss-scored, but as those classes were largely made up of drivers competing on the same indexes, there was not an effect on the finishing order.

"Everyone wants a perfect championship event,” SCCA Vice President of Rally and Solo Howard Duncan said. “Drivers seek to make the perfect run and, as officials, we strive for a flawless event. Obviously, we made a mistake, but have corrected it and will award the appropriate trophies at Friday’s banquet. We would like to extend our apologies to those drivers involved."