Sports Car Club of America


2013 U.S. Majors Tour Champions


Below you will find the 2013 U.S. Majors Tour Champions by class. If you have any corrections or changes to your story, please click here.

American Sedan
Jeffrey Werth, Eastern Conference
Scott Schweitzer, Northern Conference
Christopher Qualls, Western Conference
Jim Wheeler, Mid-States Confernce

Robert Davis, Eastern Conference
Joel Lipperini, Northern Conference
Derrick Ambrose, Western Conference
Charlie James, Mid-States Conference

C Sports Racing
Jacek Mucha, Eastern & Northern Conference
Miles Jackson, Western Conference
Kirk Kindsfater, Mid-States Conference
Jay Messenger, Mid-States Conference

D Sports Racing
Dennis Hanratty, Jr., Eastern Conference
Richard Colburn, Northern & Mid-States Conference
Chris Farrell, Western & Mid-States Conference

E Production
Donald Walsh, Eastern Conference
Lance Loughman, Northern Conference
Gary Gist, Western Conference
Matt Reynolds, Mid-States Conference

Formula 500
Jack Walbran, Eastern Conference
James Weida, Northern Conference
Jeff Jorgenson, Western Conference
Timothy Friest, Mid-States Conference

Formula Atlantic
John Burke, Eastern Conference
Charles Duncan, Northern Conference
James Blackwell, Western Conference
Gaston Kearby, Mid-States Conference

Formula 1000
Alex Mayer, Eastern Conference
Brian Novak, Northern Conference
Larry Vollum, Western Conference
James Michael, Mid-States Conference

Formula Continental
Chuck Moran, Eastern Conference
Robert Allaer, Northern Conference
Michael Manning, Western Conference
Tex Arnold, Mid-States Conference

Formula Enterprise
Paul Schneider, Eastern Conference
Scott Rettich, Northern Conference
Henry Donohoo, Mid-States Conference

Formula F
Lewis Cooper III, Eastern Conference
Russell Ruedisueli, Northern Conference
Stan Townes, Western Conference
Bill Kephart, Mid-States Conference

Formula Mazda
Robert Noell, Eastern Conference
Jason Vinkemulder, Northern Conference
TJ Fischer, Western Conference
Alan McCallum, Mid-States Conference

F Production
Richard Fohl, Eastern Conference
Kevin Ruck, Northern Conference
Sean Powers, Western Conference
Eric Prill, Mid-States Conference

Formula Vee
Stevan Davis, Eastern Conference
Michael Varacins, Northern Conference
Dennis Andrade, Western Conference
Tyler Hunter, Mid-States Conference

Dillon Machavern, Eastern Conference
Dick Greer, Northern Conference
Michael Lewis, Western Conference
David Fershtand, Mid-States Conference

Russ Snow, Eastern Conference
Trend Hindman, Northern Conference
Erich Joiner, Western Conference
Mike McGinley, Mid-States Conference
Keith Moody, Mid-States Conference
Justin Napoleon, Mid-States Conference
Bruce Phillips, Mid-States Conference

Steve Lustig, Eastern Conference
Michael Cyphert, Northern Conference
Dave Humphrey, Western Conference
Robert Herman, Mid-States Conference

Robert Lentz, Eastern Conference
Joel Hipp, Northern Conference
John Bower, Western Conference
Kent Prather, Mid-States Conference

H Production
Bradley Davis, Eastern Conference
Aaron Johnson, Northern Conference
Mike Cummings, Western Conference
Chris Albin, Mid-States Conference
Jerry Oleson, Mid-States Conference

Sports 2000
Hawley Chester, Eastern Conference
Anthony Sleath, Northern Conference
David Ferguson, Western Conference
Stephen Meyer, Mid-States Conference

Spec Miata
Danny Steyn, Eastern Conference
Michael Novak, Northern Conference
Joey Jordan, Western Conference
Jim Drago, Mid-States Conference

Spec Racer Ford
Cliff White, Eastern Conference
Scott Rettich, Northern Conference
Todd Harris, Western Conference
Keith Verges, Mid-States Conference

Super Touring Lite
Raymond Philibert, Eastern Conference
Bruce Andersen, Northern Conference
Oscar Jackson, Western Conference
Robert Schader, Mid-States Conference

Super Touring Under
David Brand, Eastern Conference
Charles Tobel, Northern Conference
Marc Hoover, Western Conference
Thomas Kraft, Mid-States Conference

Touring 1
George Winkler, Eastern Conference
John M. Buttermore, Northern Conference
Michael von Quilich, Western Conference
Todd Napieralski, Mid-States Conference
Michael Pettiford, Mid-States Conference

Touring 2
Matthew Pullano, Eastern Conference
Todd Napieralski, Northern Conference
Pratt Cole, Western Conference
Natha Waldbaum, Mid-States Conference

Touring 3
Brian Kleeman, Eastern Conference
Kevin Boehm, Northern Conference
Tom Wickersham, Western Conference
Tommy Boileau, Mid-States Conference

Touring 4
J. Brian Price, Eastern Conference
Greg Vandersluis, Northern Conference
Lance Stewart, Western Conference
Stan Czacki, Mid-States Conference