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U.S. Majors Tour Specialty Staff Announced By SCCA


TOPEKA, Kan. (November 1, 2012) – The SCCA National Office in Topeka today named a host of members to serve in administrative and Chief Steward roles for the U.S. Majors Tour for 2013.

The Conference Administrators will serve as liaisons between the National Office and the SCCA Regions hosting the event, as well as a local information post for drivers and participants. The role will include working with the Regions on pre-event logistics and preparation and post-event awards distribution and follow-up with the participants. During the race weekends, the Administrator will assist with managing victory circle ceremonies, the live timing system and other customer service-related components.

The Series Chief Steward will be the same at every Majors race within the Conference, tasked with setting the Majors “tone” and bringing consistency for drivers at each event. Local stewards will operate the event under the guidance of the Conference’s Chief Steward, who will oversee the event.

“We put together this staff, each of whom has experience in Region activities, to give the Majors program and its participants the attention they need,” Butch Kummer, Director of Club Racing, said. “These individuals serve as additional points of contact for racers and Region Officials who may have questions as we move forward.”

A Conference Administrator and a Chief Steward has been appointed in each of the Eastern, Mid-States, Northern and Western Conferences:

Eastern Conference (NEDiv & SEDiv): Gayle Lorenz, Conference Administrator, and Bob Hudson, Chief Steward
Mid-States Conference (MWDiv, RMDiv & SWDiv): Marina Kraft, Conference Administrator, and Barrett Braun, Chief Steward
Northern Conference (CENDiv & GLDiv): Melinda Frame, Conference Administrator, and Costa Dunias, Chief Steward
Western Conference (SoPacDiv & NorPacDiv): Dave DeBorde, Conference Administrator, and R.J. Gordy, Chief Steward

The complete U.S. Majors Tour Schedule will be released in the coming weeks. The Conference Administrators will hit the ground running following a training session in Topeka early in December.

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