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2012 ProSolo Rules Changes Explained

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With a new season comes some tweaks, adjustments and even a few major changes to the Tire Rack SCCA ProSolo Rulebook.  On the whole, the series will operate largely the same as it did in 2011, with Championships being awarded in the Atlantic, Mid-America and Pacific Zones and the National Championships being decided by a combination of Zone Championship points and points earned at the Finale event.

The only adjustment to the points system is halving the amount of bonus points available at the finale to 5 per heat.  These points are awarded to the leading driver after each heat in each class.  Zone Championships will still carry a 5-point bonus, giving a driver with 2 wins and a Zone Championship 45 points entering the Finale.  The bonus point change will make it tough for a competitor with only one ProSolo finish to claim a championship, but it will keep the window open for drivers coming into the Finale as many as 20 points behind.  The finale will continue to pay double points making a perfect ProSolo Season worth 110 points.

Also new for 2012, a new open classes for Stock class cars on traditional street tires.  The Road Tire class (RT, to separate it’s designation from ST), will be scored on index.  Because this class will be on an index that is not corrected for road tire performance it will not be eligible for the Bump class.  However, if there are at least 5 drivers in the class, RT class will be eligible or the Gumout Super Challenge.

On the Ladies side, the classing structure is getting a revamp for 2012.  Instead of 2 classes, Ladies competitors will be divided into 4.  Ladies 1 will be all Street Prepared, Street Modified, Prepared and Modified classes, Ladies 2 will be all Stock classes and Ladies 3 will be all Street Touring classes.  The fourth Ladies class, Ladies 4, will be all Road Tire cars.  In the event that a Ladies class does not have 5 drivers, it will be combined with the next smallest until a 5 driver class is made.  The exception being Ladies 4, which will have to have 5 drivers on it’s own to be eligible for the Ladies challenge. 

Some Open classes recieve some changes as well for the 2012 season.  The biggest change is that X-Prepared has moved from R1 to R2, putting al the Prepared Classed cars in the same index class for ProSolo competition.  Additionally and to keep things consistant, Bump 1 and Bump 2 have swapped classes so that all ProSolo index classes will be reflective of speed order, with the faster class at the top of the order.

The effect of this change is that more Ladies Class competitors will be running on their own dial-in in the Challenge.  As is the case with all ProSolo Classes, dial-ins are set by the class winner.  With up to 4 winners in the Ladies Challenge, twice as many drivers will be able to compete on a level playing field.

Another change is the dismissal of the maximum number of cars per class rule.  In past years, only 5 cars from a single open class could enter the challenge, now any driver qualifying within the top 32 will be allowed to compete.

The 2012 ProSolo Series will kick off in Washington, DC this season, for more information on the series, schedule and to view the complete rulebook go to