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Changes to National Solo Policies and Procedures

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Competitors in the Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Series can expect several changes to the event administration policies and procedures for the 2012 season.  The changes, all resulting from a January multi-day meeting with key staff members at SCCA Headquarters, keep the focus on the Howard Duncan mantra, "Make it Easy, Make it Fun."

Topping the list is a revamping of the registration deadlines and fees.  Event registration windows will still open 60 days before the event, however the close of online registration will not happen until noon, central time, on the Monday prior to the event.  For the duration of that time, no late fees will be assessed.  After the close of online registration, only faxed or scanned entries will be accepted, and these entries will carry the standard late fee. 

There will also not be a priority window for Solo Passport holders.  The registration window will open for all members at the same time this season.  However, Solo Passports will still offer an annual waiver hard card for members.  Other Solo Passport benefits are being considered, with hopes for a major enhancement for this program in 2013.  

Another major change is the timing of credit card billing.  For all Tours and the National Championship event, entrants’ credit cards will not be charged until the closing of online registration.  This change is to encourage earlier entry into events without asking members to pay months in advance.  ProSolo registration will continue to charge at the time of entry due to the higher demand and limited space in these events.

The championship event is also getting easier or competitors.  The waiver fee associated with not running a Tour or Divisional has been waived.  This means that the Championship entry fee will be the same for all entrants, regardless of whether they ran a Tour during the season. 

In addition, an online paddock registration system is currently under development, with plans to introduce it for this year’s event.  The system, modeled after the online airline seat selection process, will feature spaces of varying sizes to accommodate set-ups of all sizes and show who has already claimed which spaces.

Event Supplemental Regulations are also benefiting from a bit of technology.  Competitors should keep an eye on the inbox of the email address they used to register for the event for a copy of the Supps, complete with schedule, run/work order and event officials, the Wednesday before events.  Though it is not expected this season, the staff is working on including work assignments in this email in the future.