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Qualifying Trap Speeds


The 2011 SCCA National Championship Runoffs Speed Trap data has been created for your reference.

1. An additional timing loop was activated this year (what is called Turn 11 – located after the kink between corner stations 10 and 11). Because of the distance from that location to T&S, reception was somewhat spotty, so not all sessions show that information.

For the Turn 5 speed trap, the first loop of the speed trap is ~50’ before the #5 shutdown marker. The second loop is ~75’ after the #5 shutdown marker. They straddle corner station 4A

2. Due to technical issues, the information gathered on the first day of qualifying was not useable, so only sessions 2, 3 and 4 are in the files.

3. The fastest recorded trap time of the week was 178.7478 mph in a 2:04.321 lap in Q3 by Cliff Ebben in GT1. The fastest recorded lap of the week was 2:00.970 in a lap where the trap speed was 151.9852 in Q3 by Lee Alexander in DSR.

Qualifying Time Cards Zip File