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SCCA MAILING & Shipping Address

(Note new address - now accepts USPS as well)

6620 SE Dwight St.
Topeka, KS 66619 

Telephone Numbers

Toll Free: 1-800-770-2055
Local: 785-357-7222
Facsimile: 785-232-7228

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SCCA Mailbag 

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SCCA Boards and Committees

The contact information for all the SCCA Board and Committees members can found here


Lisa Noble

President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Aimee Thoennes

Executive Assistant


Mindi Pfannenstiel

Senior Director, Finance & Human Resources

Mitchell Root

Manager, Accounting & Human Resources

Brandy Wiggans

Accounting Specialist, Payables

Member and Region Services

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Colan Arnold

Senior Director of Technology

Derrick Frakes

Manager, Member Services

Sally Downs




General Membership Questions

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Kathy Cowen

Senior Membership Administrator

Janet Farwell

Program and Member Services Administrator

Janice Pageler

Member Services Specialist

Deena Rowland

Program and Member Services Administrator

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, Marketing and Experiential

Robert Clarke

VP, Business Development
President, SCCA Pro Racing

Reece White

Sr. Manager, Marketing & Communications

Melissa Flesher

Manager, Marketing Services

Chris Berg

Public Relations Coordinator


Heyward Wagner

Director, Experiential Programs

Jennifer McAbee

New Program Manager (Experiential)

Rick Myers

Special Program Manager (Experiential)

John Steflik

Creative Director


Eric Prill

VP and Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Deanna Flanagan

Senior Manager, Club Racing

Claudine Stueve

Support Specialist, Road Racing

John Bauer

Club Racing Technical Manager


Club Racing Technical Assistant


Howard Duncan

Senior Director, Rally/Solo

Doug Gill

Rally/Solo Competition Manager

Brian Harmer

Rally/Solo Program Manager

Other Contacts


SCCA Pro Racing

SCCA Enterprises