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TOPEKA, Kan. (March 14, 2013) – Sports Car Club of America’s Board of Directors finalized the invitation process for the 2014 National Championship Runoffs®, including paths through the U.S. Majors Tour as well as Regional/Divisional racing.

“While the location of the 2014 National Championship Runoffs has yet to be finalized, the Board recognizes that many Divisions and Regions are already diligently working on their 2014 program details,” SCCA Chairman Lisa Noble said. “With the elimination of ‘National’ races in 2014, Regions and Divisions have a considerable amount of freedom in determining their local Championships, and the path to the Runoffs is a critical part of this for many SCCA racers.”

In 2014, there will be three distinct paths to the Runoffs:

U.S. Majors Tour
Earning an invitation to the Runoffs through the Majors has both participation and performance requirements in 2014. This is different from 2013, where a driver had the option of earning an invitation through participation only.
Participation Requirement: In the same class, a driver must participate in a minimum of three separate U.S. Majors Tour event weekends and have a minimum of three individual race finishes.
Performance Requirement: One of the following:
- Finish in the top 10 of their Conference point standings in class
- Finish in the top 50% of National Point Standings (as in 2013)
- Achieve a point total in National Point Standings ≥ the mid-point of the 2013 standings for that class (as in 2013)

Divisions will determine their own Championship structure, including the point payout schedule and the events to be counted. Any Regional or Majors event may be used in the Championship structure, at the discretion of the Division. A Division’s plan for its 2014 Championship must be submitted to SCCA Club Racing by July 1, 2013. These plans will be reviewed, to ensure they recognize the best in competition, and accepted for the following year.

Runoffs invitations will be extended based on the following participation and performance criteria:
Participation Requirement: Within the same class, a driver must participate in a minimum of four Divisional points weekends.
Performance Requirement: Finish in the top three positions in class point standings, except for Spec Miata and Spec Racer Ford, which will take the top five positions. Divisions may exclude drivers qualified for the Runoffs through the Majors path or defending Champions at their discretion.

If a Divisional Championship has not concluded at the time of the Runoffs, invitations will be extended to drivers meeting the requirements at a period of time three weeks prior to the start of the Runoffs event.

Defending Champion
As in the past, any defending, 2013 National Champion will receive an invitation to the 2014 National Championship Runoffs. The only exception to this is if the individual used a provisional (past or defending Champion) invitation for that class in 2013.

In 2014 the National Point Standings will only include U.S. Majors Tour races. As is currently the case, the National Point Standings removes Conference boundaries from consideration, scoring a driver’s best finishes in Majors events, regardless of the Conference in which it was held.

Additional information about the 2014 Runoffs will be announced in the coming months.


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