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From the Formula Sports Racing Advisory Committee:

The Formula Sports Racing Advisory Committee announced the list of members who will serve on the Sports Racing 2 Ad Hoc committee. Under the wishes of the Club Racing Board, the sub-committee is charged with the development of rules for the Sports Racing 2 class scheduled to begin in 2014.

The SR2 class will have a performance envelope targeted around the Euro S2000 which utilizes the MZR engine and allows the use of wings for downforce. The performance envelope is intended to capture existing Sports Racers which are not competitive with the current C and D class cars, allows for updating of the current S2000 (which will be regional only 2014) and will also be attractive to new car builders. With the anticipated broad range of Sports Racer, all coming with different engine and aerodynamic,s the rules set will include provisions for quickly making performance adjustments.

The committee anticipates a proposed rule set by April 2013. Along with the rules, the Committee intends to also publish a performance path for the most common Sports Racers should they be under or over performance specs for the new classes. With both rules and a direction path the competitor will be able move forward with plans for participation.

Serving on the committee, led by David Arken, are:

Michael Alfred
Dave Ferguson
Jay Messenger
W. Burns Moore
Jay Novak
Jim Rawson
Jon Staudacher
Marc Walker
Bart Wolf


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