Sports Car Club of America

2014 Runoffs FAQ



How many times will I be on track for qualifying?

Goal is to have each run group on track each of the 3 days of qualifying (Tues-Thurs). Subscription levels once registration is open, will help determine classes in each run group (starting point for run groups noted on posted schedule) and confirm feasibility of being on track for one 20 minute session each day (SRF will be 30 minutes due to sound window).


Are pets allowed in the paddock?

Due to the congestion that is anticipated and track rules, pets will not be allowed in the competition paddock. They are allowed in the park areas outside the paddock.


What are the plans for Test day?

Monday is scheduled to be an SCCA Test Day. We are targeting a 30 minute morning and a 30 minute afternoon session for each of 6 run groups. Subscription levels will determine the final groupings, schedule and sessions.  The Test Day will likely cost  $300 and you can sign up for the Test Day when you register for the event.  The final schedule will be posted by Friday, Sept. 5th.


What are the details for the Track Walk?

No motorized vehicles will be allowed. If handicapped access is needed, please notify the SCCA office before the walk (2nd Floor of the Skip Barber Building) and accommodations will be made.  This walk is a charity event for the SCCA Foundation. Contributions are not required, but will be welcome.


Is there anything special I need to do to bring a golf cart to the Runoffs?

Yes, and it is very important to take care of this prior to attending the event.

All golf carts, both privately-owned and rented, must have proof of comprehensive general liability, bodily injury and property damage insurance for a combined single amount of $1,000,000. The carts must be registered and show an approved sticker before you can bring the cart in. This sticker and approval should be requested before the event.  Additional details and the request form are now under the Golf Cart tab in the Driver and Worker Information sections of the Runoffs Page.

Pit carts being used exclusively for team support in the paddock do not need to be registered.