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2013 Majors Champion - Stephen Meyer

Stephen Meyer
Mid-States Conference, Sports 2000

Stephen Meyer, of Longmont, Colo., was able to achieve the goal he set at the beginning of the year, to win the conference championship. However, for Meyer, the championship also has a melancholy feel.

“It was a big thrill to win the final S2000 season in the Majors Mid-States Conference,” Meyer said. “It was a goal I set at the beginning of the year and to accomplish that goal is a big achievement for me. The class moves to a regional only class in 2014, so I’m happy to be the last to win, but sad to see the class leave SCCA National racing. S2000 is a fantastic class.”

While the S2000 class will not be a national class next year, Meyer was very proud of what he did achieve behind the wheel of this No. 48 Lola T89/90 Sports 2000.

“The Majors program is unique,” Meyer said. “Not only in the venues they run, but in the level and number of competitors that it attracts. All in all, I was very satisfied with the results.”

Meyer started the campaign strong, and continued to get better as the season progressed. At the season-opening event at Circuit of The Americas, he finished sixth and followed that with a third on Sunday. Meyer then recorded third- and second-place finishes at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit and a pair of wins at High Plains Raceway. He also clinched two poles during 2013.

There were some special folks that Meyer wanted to thank after the successful run this past year.

“I have to thank Mark Mercer of Excel Racing for building a winning motor and car, and Jim Christian of JCR Racing for providing excellent trackside support,” Meyer said. “Without them, this season would not have been nearly as much fun, or successful.

“I would also like to thank my fellow competitors who offered assistance and parts so that I could compete. Especially, Michael Bautz, who supplied me with an axle after my primary failed while testing at COTA.

“I also want to thank SCCA and all its volunteers for putting on an excellent series. The venues are second to none. While I might not be running S2000 in 2014, I look forward to contesting the Mid-States Majors series next year, in Formula F.”