Sports Car Club of America

2013 Majors Champion - Gaston Kearby

Gaston Kearby
Mid-States Conference, Formula Atlantic

Gaston Kearby, of Corpus Christi, Texas, started his road racing career with a huge bang, winning the Mid-States title in his maiden season.

“This was my first season running in the Formula Atlantic class,” Kearby said. “Not only that, but this was my first season of organized road racing! Before this year it was a hobby I shared with my kids. To come straight out of the gate and be able to come away with a Majors Championship is an amazing feeling.

“We approached this season with a Pro-level team mindset, while still making sure we had fun, and it paid off. To have the Championship come down to the very last race of the season really shows just how well prepared every team and driver this year was, and it makes it just that much more rewarding to know that it wasn’t handed to me.”

In line with the goal of having fun, Kearby was unable to pin-point a particular memorable moment, but appreciated the time spent with family.

“When you’re driving hard and really concentrating, you tend to not really focus on the on track moments,” Kearby said. “Of course there’s tight racing, great passes, a defensive trick or two but the most memorable moment for me was having two of my sons out here on track, in my same race group, wheel to wheel. What a great way to spend the weekends!”

Kearby made the most Mid-States Conference Formula Atlantic starts in his class, taking the green in all but two of the 10 races to claim the season-long championship. Driving the No. 69 GK Motorsports Star Mazda Pro Mazda, he finished in the top-five six times, including two wins at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit, a second- and third-place finish at High Plains Raceway and a fourth- and fifth-place finish at Gateway Motorsports Park. Additionally, Kearby earned the pole position three times in 2013.

The success Kearby enjoyed could not have been made possible without some key people. He made a point to thank these very important supporters.

“As mentioned, family is a big part of being out here,” Kearby said. “With my boys, Collin and Conner racing alongside me, Deborah's love and encouragement, and Cameron, Michael, Jennifer and Samantha all supporting the cause, it's all about family in my book.

“I consider the guys I race with each weekend to be part of the family, too. Thanks to my driving coach Peter Miller, Moses Smith and the entire Texas Autosports crew. Their hard work and guidance is such a huge part of our team's success. Without them to share this Championship with, it wouldn't mean nearly as much.

“Finally, I'd like to thank the SCCA organizers, the other racers and teams and everyone who comes out each weekend. The hard work that goes into each race, the friendships I've made and the passion we all share for racing is a great thing to be part of.”