Sports Car Club of America

2013 Majors Champion - Brad Davis

Brad Davis
Eastern Conference, H Production

If you had started to talk Eastern Conference H Production Championship hopes with him following the season-opening race in Sebring, Brad Davis, of Summerville, S.C., would have probably given you a funny look. During the first round of the BFGoodrich Super Tour, Davis was holding onto second in class when debris punctured a tire on the MINI of Charleston/ Mini Cooper.

The flat relegated Davis to a third-place finish on Saturday, but he was able to make up some of that lost ground on Sunday. While in second, the class leader suffered a flat tire in the closing laps. With the stroke of good fortune, Davis took the win on Sunday. Upon reflection, Davis summed up his championship run rather succinctly.

“It was exciting to win a Majors championship on the very first year of this new program,” Davis said. “There will be other Eastern Conference Majors Champions in H Production, but I will always be the first!”

Davis’ son, Robbie, is campaigning a Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car B-Spec Mini for the first time. Needless to say, free time has been sparse for Davis, who spends most of his vacation time from his day job at the track or at the race shop.

Davis started seven Eastern Conference races in 2013, scoring wins at Sebring and a pair at Summit Point. He also took two third-place finishes, one each at Sebring and Road Atlanta, and a second-place at Road Atlanta, equaling 119 points.

Racing, even at the club level, is a team sport. Davis wanted to be sure to thank a few people for the hard work put forth this year.

“My wife, Debbie, is most understanding of this crazy passion and allowed me to fuel it for almost 30 years,” Davis said. “She handles all the bookkeeping and rarely makes me look at the total expenses! My friend, Stuart Kestenbaum, is the trailer driver and crew chief of the team, and it would not have been possible without his support. Thanks to his family, Nanci and Jacob, for loaning him to me on so many weekends. Also, thanks to the great team at work that pushes on, and does great things, even while I’m burning vacation!

“Thanks to the competitors that made it fun this year. Also, thanks to all the workers, without whom none of us could get onto the track, or turn a wheel.”