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Forms and Publications

Club Racing Forms and PublicationsThe following documents are available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format unless otherwise specified. The Adobe Acrobat Reader software is a free download from and is required to view the files.


Mail completed application(s) and applicable payment to:

SCCA Member Services
P. O. Box 299
Topeka, KS 66601-0299
Or fax to: 785-232-7213

SCCA Membership - Club Racing drivers or officials/workers obtaining a license requires an SCCA membership, please JOIN NOW!

Novice Permit Application - For those who have never raced before, but would like to obtain their novice permit. Be sure to read "Guide to Obtaining a Competition License" for information about the steps involved.

Minor Age Affidavit Form - If you are a 15 year old applying for a Novice Permit and do not have a State Issued Identification Card or Passport, you may use this form.

Waiver or Credit for previous racing experience - For help obtaining or renewing a competition license; or if you have previous racing experience, please see this information.

Competition License Application - After novice requirements are completed you must apply for your Competition License; also for those needing a license upgrade or renewal.

Time Trials Official Application - To work at Time Trial events start by filling out this official's license application.

Physician's Examination and Medical History Form - Required for ALL applying for any type of Club Racing Competition license, including the Novice Permit.

Race Official License Application - SCCA Officials/Workers use this form to obtain or upgrade a license in their particular specialty. Licenses may require a signature from your Region's specialty chief, the Divisional Administrator, and/or the Division's Executive Steward. Specialty areas include Emergency Services, Flagging and Communications, Pit and Paddock, Race Control, Radio Tech, Registrar, Scrutineer, Sound Control, Starter and Timing and Scoring. License levels include Regional, Divisional and National.

Volunteer Incentive Program - For tracking your Volunteer Participation to get discounts toward your membership renewal.

Time Trial Driver's License Application - Get started driving in Time Trial events by filling out this form.

16-17 year olds wishing to compete in Time Trial events must submit the      
following to the SCCA National Office:

  1. MS-L Minor Release Form/Assumption of Risk Acknowledgement
    (must be printed in color)
  2. Time Trial/Novice Time Trial Application (no payment is due)
  3. Copy of full privilege, State-Issued Driver's License 
  4. Completed Medical History Form (physical examination portion not required)


Steward's License Application - SCCA Stewards use this form to obtain or upgrade a Steward's license.


FIA Driver Application
FIA Entrant Application

Event Forms

Mail completed application(s) and applicable payment to:

SCCA Club Racing
P. O. Box 1833
Topeka, KS 66619-1833
or fax: 785-232-7214

Application for SCCA Club Racing Sanction - This form can be used for applying for sanction for Nationals, Regionals, Driver Schools, and Practice Days. Be sure to download this early - applications must be postmarked 45 days prior to the event to avoid a late fee.

Club Racing Event Checklist - A list of required pre and post-event paperwork to be submitted to the National Office.

Club Racing Multi-Event Waiver Program - No description available

Steward's Forms

Observer Report, Time Trial Observer's Report (PDX, Club Trial, Track Trial & Hillclimbs), Witness Statement, Chief Steward's Request for Action, and Protest Form.

Steward's Forms & Information - Steward's forms and information relating to Club Racing can be found in the Member Login Section under Resources & File Cabinet.

Miscellaneous Forms

Statement of Facts Affidavit - Use this form if you do not have your competition license in your possession.

Mailing Labels Request Form - This is a form you can save on your computer and fill-in or print out and then handwrite the information.


15 Year Old Licensing Process - The guidelines for 15 years old to apply for, obtain, and use a Novice Permit.

Note: Technical forms, files and information can be found in the Car Rules section.