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The Cars and Rules area of the Club Racing Section is your starting point to getting strapped into your race seat, and is also a good place to check back frequently for updates and revisions. If you are looking to get a clarification or adjustment on a rule, you can learn about the rule making process and send a request to the Club Racing Board . Simply click on the topic that interests you and learn more:

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2014 Time Trial Rules | The Rule Making Process | Rule Making Process Flow Chart 


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2014 General Competition Rules

The 2014 General Competition Rules online are made available by SCCA Club Racing as a courtesy to our entrants, volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about the technical regulations governing SCCA Club Racing. If you would like a copy of the printed GCR, contact SCCA Merchandise by calling 800.770.2055.

The 2014 GCR on-line version is available in Adobe Acrobat format, version 9 or later. If you do not have the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here .

SCCA Rule Book
Mobile Rule Book:

Compatible with iPad/iPhone and Android- Updated through December Fastrack

Updated Rule Book:


The Portable Driver's Advisor:

An unofficial guide to the GCR

2014 SCCA Time Trial Rules

PDX & Club Trials Driver Information

Track Trials & Hillclimbs Driver Information

Time Trials Event Organizer Information

To send a letter to the Time Trials Administrative Council please click here.

Technical Bulletins, Rules Changes and Advisories
January Fastrack Preliminary Minutes/Tech Bulletin

12/05/14- Preliminary Minutes
12/05/14- Preliminary Tech Bulletin

Club Racing Memos 

12/03/13- Racing Memo RM 13-13 P1 Engine and Spec Line Tables
12/20/13- Racing Memo RM 13-14 Dodge Viper ACR-X
12/23/13- Racing Memo RM 13-15 Lotus Evora GT4
12/29/13- Racing Memo RM 13-16 B-Spec adjustable sway bar end links
01/08/14- Racing Memo RM 14-01 T1-LP C5 Corvette, Acura NSX restrictors
01/08/14- Racing Memo RM 14-02 Gen 3 SRF
01/14/14- Racing Memo RM 14-03 T1 OEM LS6
01/27/14- Racing Memo RM 14-04 Define Finisher
02/05/14- Racing Memo RM 14-05 Correction to RM 14-04
03/11/14- Racing Memo RM 14-06 Finisher Definition
03/13/14- Racing Memo RM 14-07 T1 Viper Restrictor Spacer
04/03/14- Racing Memo RM 14-08 P2 Pinto Restrictor
04/09/14- Racing Memo RM 14-09 SFI Labels
04/11/14- Racing Memo RM 14-10 SFI Lables
04/14/14- Racing Memo RM 14-11 Z4 Track
05/09/14- Racing Memo RM 14-12 FM Flywheel
05/22/14- Racing Memo RM 14-13 GT2-ST Dodge Viper 8300 OEM
06/02/14- Racing Memo RM 14-14 Mazda MX-5 Wheels in T4
06/16/14- Racing Memo RM 14-15 Swift 016 Appendix A
08/15/14- Racing Memo RM 14-16 Leatt MRX Head and Neck Restraints
09/17/14- Racing Memo RM 14-17 Saftey Harnesses
10/08/14- Racing Memo RM 14-18 FA Restrictor Clarification
10/09/14- Racing Memo RM 14-19 FF Body height
11/03/14- Racing Memo RM 14-20 SM Plunge Cut
12/05/14- Racing Memo RM 14-21 Recaro FIA Seat Homologation

Club Racing Recommended Rule Changes

11/12/14 - Recommended Rule Changes

SRF GEN 3 Proposed Language

12/03/14 - SRF GEN 3 Language

Updated Vintage GCR

3/30/12- Vintage GCR

BMW Spec E46 Rules

11/7/14- Rules and Regulations