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SCCA Full Competition License

Upon completion of one Driver Schools and three Regional Races weekends on your Novice Permit, you are eligible to receive an SCCA Full Competition License. You have two years from the date of issue to complete the Novice requirements. Once the requirements are met, send your completed Novice Permit, signed off by the event Chief Steward at your three Regional race weekend and $95 to the Member Service Department. You will soon be the proud owner of a Full Competition License.

Beginning in 2014, a driver may participate through Regional races and race for an invitation to the National Championship Runoffs through his or her Divisional Championship.

View the 2014 Regional Class Participation.

Upcoming Events

Date Event Location Region
10/25/2014 Pumpkin Run - Dbl Regional Buttonwillow Raceway Park Cal Club Region
10/25/2014 Double Regional Gateway International Raceway St Louis Region
10/30/2014 ARRC by GRM (2015 SARRC/Pro Series/PDX/2015 ECR Road Atlanta Atlanta Region
11/1/2014 Palm Beach Classic (2015 SARRC/TES/FES Finale/Vintage Palm Beach International Raceway Florida Region
11/8/2014 SOWDIV Invitational Challenge Double Regional (1race-RQ 2015) Texas World Speedway Texas Region
9/13/2017 TBD **Test ** Kansas Speedway KVRG