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Performance Driving Experience

All of us have done the burn-out at a red light, or taken that curve at more than the “suggested speed,” imagining ourselves as racers while never leaving our street cars. With Performance Driving Experience (PDX) events, you don’t have to dream anymore!

So You Think You Want To Be A Racer

Run at different track locations throughout the country, the PDX provides an instructional environment for drivers who simply want to improve their driving skills and increase their enjoyment of driving their street vehicle. True to the “run what ya brung” adage, all it takes to be a part is your street car, a valid license and a helmet.

You Will Be A Better Driver

PDX events are about you, the driver. Plenty of seat time, plenty of individual instruction and a ton of driving exercises make up a PDX; all of which is designed to educate you and make you more confident behind the wheel, both on the track and on the street.

Participants receive a solid blend of driving instruction, ranging from the classroom to in-car training to “follow me” drills. A wide range of topics are discussed and shown at a PDX, including: following a “racing line”, passing zones, speed limits and other general driving techniques. Of course, each driver receives feedback from his or her instructor at the end of each lesson.

PDX events are non-competition based. Why? Because the focus is on you. Three other levels of the Time Trials program provide competition, but it’s important that the skills taught at a PDX are learned beforehand so you as a driver can enjoy the latter levels of the program the way they were intended.

Next Stop: Club Trials

Now that you’ve received some instruction and feel you’re ready for something a bit challenging, Club Trials is where you want to be.

Club Trials continue the instruction you received in the PDX, but adds advanced driving techniques, competition rules and introduces the elements of a timed event. Your street car is still perfectly acceptable, but you might start to see a few race-prepared vehicles too!

With Club Trials, you now get to feel what it’s like to be on the track and go against the clock no matter what you’re running that weekend.

There are two more levels to the Time Trials program, designed for even more racing action! Check out the Time Trials page for more information about the levels discussed here and on Track Trials and Hill Climbs, the third and fourth levels of the Time Trials program.

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Additional Resources

If you're interested in more information of how to get from the sidelines to the racetrack, you might also want to check out the book "Go Ahead - Take the Wheel."

We recommend that you also look at the free online resource which provides a wealth of knowledge about how to begin racing and avoid many of the common mistakes made along the way.

Upcoming Events

Date Event Location Region
6/13/2015 SARRC/PDX/Vintage Sebring International Raceway Central Florida Region
6/27/2015 Reno Region PDX and Club Trial/Track Trial 3 Thunderhill Raceway Park Reno Region
7/18/2015 Drivers School/TES/PDX Sebring International Raceway Central Florida Region
7/18/2015 PDX/CT Event #2 2015 Summit Point Raceway Washington DC Region
7/20/2015 PDX & Club Trial Blackhawk Farms Raceway Chicago Region
7/25/2015 Summer Sizzle: Double SARRC/Double Concurrent SECS/Double Pro Series/ECR/PDX Road Atlanta Atlanta Region
8/7/2015 2015 IT/SPEC*tacular-PDX-Club Trial Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Cincinnati Region
8/14/2015 Summer Sizzler MSR Houston Houston Region
8/14/2015 Daylight into Darkness Double SARRC/Double MARRS/Concurrent Double SECS/Double CCPS/Single ECR & Track Trial 8/14 Charlotte Motor Speedway Central Carolinas Region
8/22/2015 Mountain Madness Dbl Regional (RQ) / Club Trails / PDX High Plains Raceway Colorado Region
8/22/2015 Summer Speedfest - Dbl Regional (RQ) Racing/PDX/CRE Gateway Motorsports Park St Louis Region
9/5/2015 CFR Regional/TES/ECR/PDX/Vintage Sebring International Raceway Central Florida Region
9/12/2015 PDX/CT Event #3, 2015 Summit Point Raceway Washington DC Region
10/3/2015 No Frills TT Level 3/PDX Talladega Grand Prix Superspeedway Alabama/Tennessee Valley
10/3/2015 Fall PDX Dakota Count Technical College Land O'Lakes Region
10/9/2015 Autumn Classic XXXIV Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course Ohio Valley Region
10/24/2015 OctoberFast - DBL Regional (RQ) Racing/PDX/CRE Gateway Motorsports Park St Louis Region
10/24/2015 PDX/CT Event #4, 2015 Summit Point Raceway Washington DC Region
10/30/2015 ARRC by GRM (2016 SARRC) Pro Series/PDX/2016 ECR Road Atlanta Atlanta Region
12/4/2015 The Abominable MSR Houston Houston Region