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Steve Hyatt, Area 2

Stephen Hyatt
Area 2

Stephen will try and bring a “Back to Basics” approach to the Directorship when elected. He will use the 3 R’s- Racing, Recruitment, and Retention, to guide his decision making. With the knowledge of helping run a SCCA program with a 17% growth rate and the youngest demographic, Stephen will try and make changes within SCCA to allow for less barriers to involve younger people. Yet, he believes the legacy programs like Road Rally and Regional Club Racing need to be continued as the is the heritage of SCCA.

Stephen has been involved with SCCA for over 30 years. In those years, he has held a national competition license; numerous Club Racing worker specialty licenses; competed in Solo 1 and 2 events; has been a Divisional and National Administrator of Emergency Services; and served as member of the WDCR Region BOD.

Currently RallyCrossing, he is the Vice Chairmen of the RallyCross Board and served as the head of the RallyCross Court of Appeals. He hopes to bring the vast knowledge base of SCCA experience to the BOD and be able to relate to all members.

In his professional life, Stephen is a Paramedic holding the rank of Captain at Fort Meade, Maryland. This profession has given Stephen the opportunities and tools to evaluate programs, plan not only for the present but the future, and for dealing with volunteer organizations, as well as assessing needs in the emergency services field.

Stephen can be contacted at or by phone at 301-573-7315.

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