Sports Car Club of America

Bob Horansky, Area 12

Bob Horansky
Area 12

I’m Bob Horansky, a 41 year SCCA member, and I want to be your Director for Area 12. I would like your vote, for I feel I have the SCCA and business experience to effectively contribute to the managment of our club.

Our members deserve regular communications from their director and opportunities to express their desires to their director on which direction we should be going. I pledge transparency to what is going on in Topeka, and will actively solicit SEDIV member input before casting my vote on major issues.

SCCA has a unique franchise for motorsports in the United States. Over our club’s nearly 70 years we have established the baseline rules and event formats for multiple types of car competition ranging from Solo, to Rally and Race. Unlike many other motorports organizations, we are a not a for profit organization. Without the need for profit, we should be able to deliver more enjoyment and more product to our members at a higher quality and lower cost.

As BOD member I would initially try to influence our club direction to focus on some specific topics :

• Many of our members choose not to enter competition, but get their enjoyment out of volunteering for a needed support specialty. The rewards are the satisfaction of knowing a job got done well, socializing with people who have common interests, and gaining a new skill. We need to do more to focus on maximizing the real rewards these members seek.

• SCCA is a club, but also a major corporation. We need to run it just as any competitive company, assuring we are getting a targeted return to our members for every dollar spent. Have we established expected return goals for those investments ? Breaking even is not a reasonable goal.

• The Majors program has shown that allowing some flexibility in the GCR rules can make an event a real success. We need to expand, in a controlled manner, this flexibility to Regional events.

SCCA Experiences
I joined SCCA in November, 1972. Now in my 41st year as club member.
• Executive Steward SEDIV 2010 to 2013.
• Deputy Executive Steward Area 12 for nine years, 1999-2003, and 2006- 2009.
• Track Trials driver, Datsun 280Z ITS, 1997 – 2011. ITS Division Champion 2005. ITS Class record holder, Blue Ridge Hill Climb.
• SCCA Club Racing National Court of Appeals, 2006-2009, and Chairman last two years.
• Recipient of SEDIV Bryan Webb Award for stewarding 2005.
• Atlanta Region Pro-IT Series Chief Steward 2001 – 2006.
• New England Region Club Racing Board Steward Liaison from 1992 until relocating to Atlanta in 1994.
• Club Racing Driver, Autodynamics FV, 1975 – 78.
• Scruitineer, New England Region, 1972 – 82 and Chief Scruitineer 1978 – 80.

Professional Experience
• Travelers Insurance Company, 1984 – 2010 (now retired). IT Operations Vice President. Managed the single central corporate data center for Travelers, staff of 150.
• Northeast Utilities Service Company, 1972 – 84. Senior Engineer and later Manager of the Technical Data Center. Multiple project management and programming duties related to the nuclear power plants.
• U.S. Army Security Agency / National Security Agency, 1969 – 72. Lieutenant Military Intelligence, staff engineer, in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area.
• Boston Edison Company, 1968. Engineer in Transmission Systems Design group.
• B.S. Electrical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1968. Graduated first in class. Masters Electric Power Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1969.