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Tere Pulliam, Area 12

Tere Pulliam
Area 12

Fellow SCCA members:

My name is Tere Pulliam. I am a member of Atlanta Region and I’m running for the Area 12 Director position. The current director, Phil Creighton, has served capably for six years but per the SCCA Bylaws is not allowed to run again. I know I have big shoes to fill but also know I have the ability and experience to represent the members of Area 12 at a National level.

My almost thirty years of SCCA “combined membership “experience is complicated and spans 1979 to the present. As a Solo participant in the early years I competed in Ladies AP driving a Lotus Europa and finished 3rd at the Solo Nationals at Great America. Shortly after that I took time off to raise my family and rejoined SCCA in 1997. From 1998-2004 I volunteered on the Atlanta Region SCCA Board of Directors and during that span I was the Solo Chairman, Race Chairman, and Assistant RE. I then served as Atlanta’s Regional Executive from 2005-2011. Currently I along with my husband Larry are the Social Chairmen for the SEDiv.

During that time I won many awards from Atlanta Region: Member of the Year, RE's Award, the Dave Tallaksen Award, and Worker of the Year. My most recent award (which I was so honored to receive) was SEDiv’s Robert W. Clark Award: an award presented annually by the Florida Region “in recognition of participation and dedication in the spirit of SCCA”.

This award touched me because I do feel I carry the “spirit of SCCA”. We all belong to this club for the same reason: we love cars! I love cars – fast cars, slow cars, even ugly cars – and I love being with people that have that same passion. If elected I want to build on that passion and focus a little more on the “social” part of SCCA that seems to have fallen off.

While I was the RE of a “jumbo” region I did not believe in micro management and still don’t. I knew what Atlanta Region needed and we ran a very efficient region. With all due respect I did not need a BoD to tell me how to run my region and that is no different today. I do believe there have been great strides in our racing programs – the Majors have been a great step in the right direction – but there is still more to be done to make our programs more accessible to the automotive enthusiast. I fully embrace the concepts presented by the Barriers to Entry programs and the Alternative Drivers Schools that better allow us to compete heads-up with other racing organizations.

As a Solo chairman and being involved in the very successful Atlanta Region Solo program I would like to see some kind of National Recognition with the dues structure for all Solo Chairman and organizers similar to the one with race Volunteers. The hours put into organizing and orchestrating a successful Solo program are invaluable to our club and those people should be recognized for their efforts.

With all that I’ve done in SCCA, my biggest accomplishments in life are my 39+ years of marriage to my husband Larry Pulliam and my gift of 3 wonderful children and 4 grandchildren. I am a Dental Hygienist and Office Manager in the same practice for 21 years, so I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

If elected, I will report regularly to the membership and have an open door policy. My plan is to travel to events of all types throughout the Area and be available to talk to YOU, the members that make this a great club. I am excited about this next chapter in my SCCA life as I look forward to being your Area 12 Director, so thank you for your consideration.

Tere Pulliam
Member #242525-2