Sports Car Club of America

Peter Zekert, Area 6

Peter Zekert
For Area 6 Board of Director

As a club, SCCA must put the interests of our members first. Every decision we make needs to reflect the idea of great service to our members. Look at our Bylaws.

“…. To promote interest in sports cars …. and to encourage their safe and skillful operation … disseminate information through news releases and Club publications … for the instruction and enjoyment of its members.”

EVERY decision we make on a regional, divisional, or national level needs to meet the criteria outlined in our Bylaws. Ask yourself, does the latest change “promote interest in sports car…for the instruction and enjoyment of its members?”

We need to cater to the interests of our current membership. Our Bylaws do not mention potential future members. Focus on member satisfaction. SCCA will be more successful at member retention once it focuses on member satisfaction.

How? We need more face-to-face time between membership and the Board of Directors. We start with additional Board of Director Town Hall meetings at Solo Nationals; Runoffs; and divisional conferences. We make an “inviting SCCA Board” where members or groups of members can discuss proposals directly with the Board. We listen to our members.

Ask yourself, are your SCCA Directors listening to you? Are they hearing your message? Are they providing you with an “excellent membership experience”? As an Area Director I will bring my customer service background to SCCA’s Board of Directors to help them make decisions based on your needs.

Why me? I have a lifetime of experience serving the members of SCCA, as a regional executive of St. Louis region; member advocate; grassroots organizer; and creator of the “Foster Race Car” program. For decades, I have brought new customer service plans to the SCCA Board of Directors. If elected, I will continue that service.

Peter Zekert

Racer. Lifetime SCCA Member. Customer Service Professional. Listener and Effective Leader.