Sports Car Club of America

RSS News Feeds

RSS is the easiest way for you to stay up to date on news - separated into your areas of interest.

Can I use the RSS Feed?
Yes! To use the feed links below, you will need a news reader program. There are several available - try searching google to find one that you like. You can also use these feeds to keep an active and current news section on your or your regions website.

How do I get my news reader program to display the news?
The links below can be "copied and pasted" into your news readers active feed list or feed address section.

SCCA Front Page News
Almost all of the stories that you would typically see on the frot page of This will contain news items for all areas of SCCA interest.

SCCA Club Racing News
Club Racing specific news

SCCA Rally News
Rally specific news

SCCA RallyCross News

RallyCross specific news

SCCA Solo News
Solo specific news

If you have any questions on the use of these links, direct them to